Happy Halloween to you!

Great selfie happy Halloween photo! This was caught in a moment of doubt, we heard some sound coming out of that round thing which you would think is the moon, right?
We were a bit unsure if the sound was samba or salsa. Still, we don’t know the answer because we got busy posing for the camera!

I heard that foreigners like to celebrate Halloween, well that is true. At least I love it. It is a great reason for socializing!
Just recently I become a member of Internations there I met wonderful people amongst them great professionals and Experts.
It is clear that we will have to be fluent in Dutch language some day but, when we are all gathered in a cosy place, differing from bars, restaurants or bistros, there is no better joy. The common language is English but there you find all nations, at some point we find ourselves speaking with a fellow from the same country or another willing to share his visiting experience.

For now it is all and if you are new to a country find an expats site like Internations to make you feel you are not alone.
Happy Friday and great weekend. Oh I am writing soon about my first snowboarding attempt.
Claudia Xx

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