Autumn falls

With  birthday month past, apparently the new scenario is Autumn falls.


Various paths with beautiful greens are turning into orange-pinky color which is still marvellous to my sight but the switch is about to be turned on to cold blues of the European style. Not so fast though, the climate change has played a role as it is mid-month with temperatures between 20 to 23 degrees, nothing wrong with that right?

For instance, people can enjoy outdoors activities and plenty of other things when there is a warm feeling in the air and the sun is shining.

Well, I have been enjoying some events and also making some amazing acquaintances to boost up my “brasileirice” sake.
As a Brazilian citizen on the fifth of October I made my way to the consulate in Rotterdam, the lines were unbelievably long. Hopefully the new president will be less corrupted and govern the country with clean atitude. Supposedly that is the Brazilian dream !

Moreover that day, there was a great social to attend at  “Samba de Quintal” or as I like to say “Cantinho da Helô” .  Heloise Baylão has been gifted with an adorable voice so as you can hear on the video.

Then we got into the cooking workshop to learn how to make the delicious “Escondidinho”, well how to transplante it to English, means something hidden. The dish has as base mashed potato, mincemeat and various toppings on choice but all done in the Brazilian way. The recipe was carefully explained by Cristina owner of the delightful cuisine Bom Sabor do Brasil .

IMG_4459.JPG  I met wonderful people that day, some were literally virtual connections from professional network, others new artists renowned in the Netherlands but new to me like

Furthermore, this month spooky events are coming up and I will be attending like logo-new@2xInternations Halloween party in Utrecht.

For now it is all and I see you again soon.


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