Catching daylights

Writing moments

Today, Holland celebrates its king

The Netherlands is a catwalk for orange and royal blue outfits, and everyone dresses to impress. On this day, I’d like to celebrate with a throwback to my visit to the exhibition “Reflections” – Jan Taminiau. The Dutch fashion designer who made the dress for Queen Maxima for Willem Alexander’s coronation in 2013.

Free to dream. Free to tell a story.

Last weekend was a great experience. There’s so much to discover, but I hold on to the moments that come at the right time. The inspiration comes along the path. I follow that direction.

Just naturally blended in

Sometimes I just let it surprise me. I was blending it in the most incredible scenery. The photographer knows what to capture. It is the nature of humanity to register everything. I am not different. The moment was perfect for a photo.The brightest environment enchanted me. All the shades of grey, blue, and green, and…