My first winter holiday found me a place to be when Christmas lacks in white

 Zwiesel, a charming village in Germany. Where you certainly will have plenty of snow when Christmas lacks in white.

In a few hours you manage to do the sightseeing. Which consists on the glass factory where you can purchase something decorative. Next to it locates the 8.09 m pyramid with 68 rows of crystal glasses, the highlight of the attractions. 

The Sculpture Path takes you step by step to surreal work of art.

Apart from that you will be surrounded by wonderful gastronomy for reasonable costs. You can also visit nearby villages for great food like the “El Greco” in Regen.

A few minutes from the charming centre of Zwiesel hides a cosy skiing and snowboarding area, which thankfully is not hectic as any other popular winter sport destination.   SONY DSC

For starters, you are looking into find the lady with the red bandana. This was a wonderful opportunity to take on snowboarding lessons. Unfortunately, all of us were so intSONY DSCo practicing and have a good time that we forgot to take pictures to show our best performances. (photoSONY DSCs from the second day)SONY DSCHowever, the next winter holiday is booked already so we will make sure to register it. Zwiesel is highly recommended to ski and snowboarding lovers, but, if you are a social network crazy expect to have trouble with connecting to your favorite platform to share your adventure.

Make sure to check out the links I shared to learn more about this fantastic destination.

P.S: Just as I am late with this post, I am with wishing you the happiest year of your life.    

Happy 2015 dear followers.

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