4.0 women still need to be spoiled when they have the flu.

4. 0 women still need to be spoiled when they have flu. After all, there’s an awfully changing of this and that in our Body-mind-spirit. Something should not change, your confidence and self-esteem. You are the only one knowing how to stand up for Yourself.

There are times, unexpectedly, an awful virus manifests itself. Taking your gorgeousness away. Well, no need to say this is not a text about someone else but me. Leave me alone, cold! The only fever interests me is the Saturday one on a dance floor. Not that I do that a lot since I turned 40 last year.
Talking about that, age. I wonder how other 4.0 women feel. What changes for me is the percentage of vitality if this how I can put into words. It’s not 100% anymore! Even maintaining workouts at least for 25 minutes a day. Taking supplements such as Omegas, vitamins, iron, magnesium and healthy diet.

I can’t help myself to think about Samantha Jones in the SATC movie when she was kept from entering her drugs at the airport and she desperately needs other sources. After all, that movie had some outrageous-glamourous lifestyle, but also was well-thought ofwoman’s reality.

However, when knocked down by an intrusive bug wantiIMG_5438ng to take my inspiration away, the solution is getting a magazine therapy. Incredibly, Harper’s Bazar suits better in moments like this. It always has this attention-grabbing and creative cover with smooth contentIMG_5436

As usual, I go through pages for a quick glance. There was it. The “style” page showcasing royalties and their fashion picks.

StartinIMG_5439g from 20+ up to 60+. Although I am honored to fit into 40+ with queen Máxima, I adore Kate Middleton’s fashionability, Princess Beatrix and Caroline of Monaco’s sophistication.

Feeling inspired already, this session was worth it.

I believe it is up to me to get stronger and confident times of weakness. So I do things that make me happy. I also believe when you get to spend time in bed to recover yourself, it is a wonderful moment to get spoiled so as going to fashion shows. This weekend my seat at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Amsterdam is reserved.

Available for me at the show!
This t-shirt, champagne and goodie bag available for me!

I’ll keep you posted.

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