Laughter and art to share

My way to the market in Utrecht on Saturday morning was unexpectedly interesting. On the train I got accompanied by a friendly stranger. He kept telling joyful stories. He goes over his first iPhone which his father bought for him. We could impossibly ignore him as he was so enthusiastic. He really made some of us laugh.

Though the great expectation was yet to come.

As you get out of the station you walk straight into the Hoog Catharijne mall. Usually on weekends it is a big crowd. When least expected you meet this exhibition of  Mathieu Klomp. A deer and a man. I was astonished with such an impressive and detailed work so I thought I would share with you.


“A viewer who feels inspired by a perceived content is just as valuable to me as one who is surprised by technique or form. I make a point of reaching out to the viewer and inciting response at different levels.”  – Mathieu Klomp


Mathieu Klomp
Herdenking II


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