Vital shots of inspiration: fashion magazines and people

I got the ELLE-Netherlands February issue. I always admire Edine Russel’s words. The editor in chief. She motivates me to keep reading my glossy fashion magazines. I occasionally purchase Elle only when I read her text. What got my attention this issue is Edine’s statement:

“Intuition, ethics, empathy, curiosity, imagination, emotions and creativity are all characteristics that we will continue to highlight in ELLE. By giving creativity spirits a stage, by stimulating your individual style and by giving you material to think about who you want to be in this world.”

Well, I found sensible fashion content inside Elle. Regarding trends, somehow “déjá vus” with great twists. The big statement always trending on street style. Individuality and diversity standing out of the crowd.

On my way to the Soul Salon trade show for ethical fashion in Amsterdam, I read the last pages. So I was ready for great expectations. and so was it. From glamorous bags made from apples to accessories and interior styling ideas made from used furniture. Not to mention sunglasses handmade by a top Brazilian eyewear designer. Feminine shoes from Spain.

My joy in life is entering this kind of event and talking to these creative souls and entrepreneurs. Listening to them describing passionately what their brands stand for and their humanity. Their mission to commercialize a product eco and human-friendly.

If I had to cover my next magazine issue that would be it. Pages filled with their beautiful stories. These products have a story, therefore it is unique. That’s what I believe is the essence of fashion. In order to come up with the concept of a style, we need a story based on sustainable sources.

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