2017: a year of achievements, discoveries and blog collaboration

It was a very good year for achievements, discoveries and blog collaboration.

Looking back on 2017, one of the first memorable moments was the catwalk of Kelly Sue during Amsterdam fashion week.

Her concept “Broken Crayons Still Color” highlighting diversity, was fascinating. The catwalk was so exquisite with these models in wheelchairs that are called “Sue Warriors”. I am Sue’s number one fan since I learned about her. I hope to meet her again soon to catch up with her next catwalk.

Kelly Sue’s fashion show was overwhelming with her designs made for the fashionable women who can be bonded to a wheelchair

Jan/2017: #Diversity demanded Sue’s catwalk. She presented a collection made with care and plenty of fashion awareness to the woman, bonded or not to a wheelchair. The collection involved the 70’s, the punk twist and the present street style.

My Instagram Post 29 December 2017

#fashionweek #amsterdam



Visit Sue to learn more about her concept!


Blog collaboration

After I met her on a sustainable fashion event in 2016, we met again in 2017 to make a series of photos of Bello & Eco collection. I am talking about Carmen, owner of Bello & Eco.

She sells beautiful sustainable fashion and crosses the country to show her collection. If you have never met her at a fashion event, I can recommend having a peek at her website.

Bello Eco 


Verel Boutique

I fell in love with the designs of Elena Wetzel, owner, and designer at Verel. Our first meeting was via Skype in 2013 when she was planning her trip to the Brazilian island of Florianopolis where she got inspiration for the next collection. She was featured at the Catarina magazine online.

What I love about Elena is her passion for the ladylike style, traditional silhouette with an edgy. She pitches a luxurious and fashionable line for Verel, and she always succeeds. Not to mention, Elena makes sure her clothing is produced within excellent working conditions.

Her 2018 collection is out, have a look at her website or come back here for my next post.



Sustainable fashion – Retail experience

October – I’ve just got back from my three-week holiday in my home country, Brazil. I’ve enrolled in the Image Styling day training. A dream coming true achievement. There I met Gonny from Sus & So. She said she looked for an intern at the shop. Son after I started helping with window merchandising, pricing, delivery and visual display.

There’s a story behind every garment they sell at the shop




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