15 December 2018, sometimes is great to go through memories of great scapes: “My review on Cape Verde.”

Every now and then, one has to try escaping from the hectic life and step into their own little fairy tale.

While everyone was preparing for their winter holiday, we had our mindset into a sunny one. With days enjoying the sunlight.

Our little fairy tale this time was Cape Verde, at the island called Sal. It is not so green, but its beauty is hidden behind the luxuries of the hotels.

This beauty is a magnificent beach with a crystal clear ocean. Not to mention the laid-back atmosphere created by the “no-stress” mentality of the inhabitants.

In the morning, clouds occasionally covered the sun before being blown away by the wind. This was just the time the entertainers would appear to engage us in the activities at the beach.  The rhythm of the traditional dance of Cape Verde called Funana was contagious. Everyone was dancing to the beat of the Creole music.

The next village was just a walk away from the hotel, the village called Santa Maria.

There you could get an overview of the simplistic lifestyle of the locals. Their social habits such as going to the church service on Sundays.

In the evenings, after long walks along the shore or visiting the village,  we enjoyed the Riu Funana hotel experience.

There we had delicious choices of buffet restaurants, so dinner was always a pleasant moment. 

Afterward, we could enjoy the events around the hotel brought to us by the entertainment team. Every night we were spoiled with a fantastic performance: live music, musical, and comedy.


This is a place to go for some days, create your fairy story, enjoy the simplest moments and relax with the one you love.

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