Meeting 90-year-old Ms Monroe!

De Nieuwe Kerk, Amsterdam: The venue dates centuries back to 1409. De Nieuwe Kerk is a place of worship turned into a cultural meeting point in the heart of Amsterdam. Underneath its historical memories lies plenty of pride and prejudice. Every part of its structure is an attention-grabber: the pipe organs, the stained glass windows, and the flooring mixture.

No other place would be more suitable to meet the 90-year-old Ms Monroe!


Ready at the door, Ms Monroe, in her fresh and free-spirited look, invites visitors to the exhibition.


Inside is an art installation featuring the scene (film The Seven Year Itch)  in her famous white dress designed by William Travilla in 1955.

A documentary highlighting her life runs in the dark room just underneath it.

Then a corridor leads observers to Marilyn’s personal belongings and adventures. 


Ms Monroe certainly knew how to keep up with her gorgeousness.   She wore an eye-gel mask to look refreshing. Her artificial eyelashes were intact, along with her Revlon, Elizabeth Arden eyeliner, and mascara. The used daily cream by Erno Laszlo. Even her hair was kept on the hair rollers. She wore Channel 5 to bed, and Emilio Pucci’s designs were a must-have in her wardrobe.


She dreamed of a career so she walked to it. The whole world will never forget her. Her style still is inspiring generations. 

Unfortunately, she was 36 years old when she passed away, looking fabulous as she always did. Rumours apart, the cause of death was due to her dependence on sleeping pills and her fondness for champagne, with Moët&Chandon being her favourite.

At the gift shop, visitors can purchase Marilyn anything: postcards with her looks, reading glasses, her famous quotes, the bottle of Channel 5. The iconic Andy Warhol’s Marilyn prints were on books, umbrellas, and jewellery.

All items exhibited are an archive of Ted Stampfer.

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