Premiere Bridget Jones – all-by-myself!

I certainly had to see as soon as possible so I got myself the last chair at the cinema nearby. Not so glamorous as the other times in London. My dear friends here, in The Netherlands,  had a busy schedule. So I got myself the last chair in the cinema nearby, Wolff in Nieuwegein, not so glamorous one but cozy!

Obviously, such a romcom première is always an excuse for a perfect gathering for  business women, fashion, and beauty:

The ladies who make an important roll in the Pregnancy and birth centre
The ladies from the Pregnancy and birth center in Nieuwegein.
Australian cosmetics based on natural ingredients
Beauty Consultant Nutrimetics


Beauty and makeup consultant De Ratelaar
Beauty and makeup consultants from De Ratelaar beauty center

Bridget Jones turned 43 with a perfect package, Mr. Darcy, and a baby!

Well, I was a little disappointed by the aged-looking of Bridget. Surely I look younger than her in my almost 43 years! She probably became a successful news producer, and the stress  is too much. Or she was broken-heart for so long because of the failure relationship with Mr. Darcy.

Nonetheless, I was content  to see parts of London I use to walk when commuting to work or going out. As usual, I laugh loudly with her clumsiness, and so did everyone else.

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