Enamelling with Mana Ottmer – the Georgian jewellery designer talked me through the ancient technique of Enamel.

Houten, The Netherlands.

She is so passionate about it when showing the process. She said that sometimes a piece needs to be in the oven several times for a perfect finishing.

Apart from her divine culinary, Mana Ottmer is also known for jewellery designing. She uses the ancient technique of Cloisonné Enamel.


According to the Association of Dutch Enamelers (Vereniging van Nederlandse Emailleurs):

“The cloisonné technique was already applied in the 5th century BC. It is a form of enamelling with a crushed wire in certain motifs or figures on a metal surface. The gaps are covered with emaille-powder in different colors. The crushed wire prevents the colours to blend during the heating of the enamel, so each color is locked in its own cell.”

In my point of view, this is a technique of decoration which involves a piece of jewellery  with a glossy coloured type of fondant.

Mana’s designs are graceful and it stands Renaissance  and Byzantine style.

Check out Mana’s jewellery website Mana1

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