Revamping Christmas decoration

Nothing more exciting than enhancing Christmas using pieces from last year deco

No need to spend money on decoration when you can revamp your place with what’s left from previous year, don’t you think?

The kitchen  is the highlighted place for the decoration. With a single wall painted in turquoise,  few of this colour pieces,  voilà ! It combines perfectly with silver and glass vase.  The little Orchid looks inspired in the context.

The Poinsettia,  Christmas plant so named scientifically,  from  last year got  a newcomer with red-allure. Added next to it a warm-red Christmas embellishment .


The living room table got a bling-bling touch, with the Christmas glittery tray for candles to warm up the cold season. There are not many candles, so this is the only purchase to make, which is not a rip off a budget.

Here it is, a decoration, re-using and repurposing some objects kept in the storage room for a year. Now part of them are all out to make Christmas very merry!

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