Ciaobella calling all fashionistas to meet their launch project on Kickstarter

Ciaobella – Made by you – is an Italian fashion accessories brand pioneering the concept of customizing your own luxury purse, bag of shoes. They produce different sizes, colours and shapes, each section of the accessory, deliver as individual pieces and you zip or click them within 5 minutes. So it is all “made by you” when you need that allure to your outfit. Best of all it is affordable!


The brand makes sure to meet ethical standards regarding working conditions and environmental factors.

The idea is fantastic and unique, but the CIAOBELLA team needs support on their launch project running on Kickstarter until Dec 03 2015. 


“After having worked on the idea for CIAOBELLA for more than two years and having given up everything to get this project started, I am so proud to present the first innovative fashion accessories brand in years. Where not the designer, but the consumer is in the spotlight. ” Monique Bodegom, CEO and founder of CIAOBELLA