Le Tour De France literally is a fever …

“Le tour de France” in 1902 featured by its creator Géo Lefèvre in the sport newsletter L’Auto.

Le Tour de France was a brilliant idea by the journalist Géo Lefèvre in 1902. As I read the article in the official site that says  –

“.. in early 20th century France, anyone envisaging a near-2,500-km-long cycle race across the country would have been widely viewed as unhinged.” –

I could not think otherwise. It literally is a fever. Those who participate on a ride through rain, cold and heat must be out of their minds.

Who am I to say anything about fever? Since “Le Grand Départ” was in Utrecht I went to check it out, soon became a follower.

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Utrecht, 4th July – That weekend boomed the city. It was hot but exciting! Interesting to see what this event is all about. The color palette of the contestants jerseys. The biggest names and teams in the wonderful world of cycling. Various cultural events to whom it may concern.

Soon enough I was gearing up for the #WeOwnYellow-Take the stage cycling event for women. This is an initiative from top women cyclists  from The Netherlands: Marianne Vos, Loes Gunnewijk, Marijn de Vries and Roxane Knetemann. Their plan to engage  women to cycling has certainly  succeeded with me and my team-mate Bianca. We are in to the next stage!

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