Colour picking inspired by nature

This is my mood board inspired by nature.

Last month, I went on holiday to Brazil. I was born near the Pantanal where nature is always in the spotlight. I caught up with friends and family and, most of all got to remember how beautiful and colorful nature can be. Colour picking is certainly inspiring next to it.

I realized that our natural beauty rules everything. If the color of the season is not suitable for my skin, I don’t pick it. Choosing to follow the trends it is certainly a fashion-forward move, but,  staying true to our identity is precious. In my 44 years of life, I learned that a mood board is crucial to a creative mindset. The above-board set my mood to a natural and #sustainable palette in a fashion that should be sustainable, friendly and fair.

Looking into my passion for fashion, I vision unique designs created from minimum disposable to the environment, fair wages to workers involved in the production, conscious consumption. I enjoy attending fashion weeks, they are insightful. Tonight is the open of the Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week, such initiative works on the change of the unsustainable behavior in the fashion world. DSFW


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