Fashion is a state of mind, don’t you think?

I say yes – FASHION is a state of mind.

Whenever a beautiful garment catches the eye, it’s a must-have!

There is no time to think wisely; Do you really want it? Is it badly needed?

Most of the time, we shop for clothing when we have been caught in the moment of having to lift up our mood on a bad-hair-day, that time of the month or even impulsive consumerism. These all are tantrums of our mind.  That is sane. We are unique individuals. Every one of us has these moments, but you can change your mind. Set it to a fashion awareness mode. Ask yourself:

  • Do I really need another green skirt? Perhaps I can match the one from last season with a new top or accessory with the trendy green.
  • Should I buy one fairly made garment; which gave workers a fair wage, great working conditions, no waste damaged the environment? Instead of buying five low-cost-made garments where somehow the cost-cutting came from poor and low standards for workers or production cycle.

#Sustainablefashion is trendy. Embrace it.

Sustainable fashion is a trend forecasted for the coming years. We, as consumers should make it timeless.

We are alone in our state of mind. We make “selfie-photos” to show our mood in the clouds, but we want to remain individuals. We are safe inside our comfort zone. However, we can step out of it to engage with the world to improve ethical behavior within fashion.

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