Meet Sabine Schalkwijk – she reveals a product line set to invigorate wellness.


A While ago I learned about the product from L’OREAL, the anti-ageing by Yves Saint Laurent. It  caught my attention because it involved relevant scientific research. Not only that, it drew my attention for  glycans. From what I understand these are sugars. These are strongly important for empowering  signals of communication between cells. According to experts, this communication slows down with ageing.

I heard that lack of vitality is  a big issue with ageing. To some, it is a subtle change but, for many, it is dramatic. It all makes me intrigued on how my experience will be.

With high-tech booming into researches in the laboratories of Cosmetology and Nutrition industry,  I am certain it will be sparkly!

The question is: will all these do well for my wellness?

According to Sabine Schalkwijk this product line from Mannatech is promising.

I met Sabine at the event Arbeidscafé in Houten, where she passionately gave me a briefing of a skin care and food supplement . She caught my attention when she mentioned “glycans” so I had to hear her story, even to try the product myself (a theme for a new post!).

Sabine Schalkwijk is…

Dutch, lives in Houten and worked several years in import/export industry.

She says…

For some time I wanted to open my business to sell a product line with a good purpose. Something  that will keep the beauty of the mind-body-spirit.

With ageing there are dramatic changes in and outside of our bodies. Our mindset meets several obstacles. Our system functions slow down. Our skin lacks in elasticity and sparkle. And lots more…

Even with a healthy lifestyle, good eating-patterns, we have to add extra supplements to keep vital. So I think this better be something  which is clinically tried and based on natural substances.

She found “IT” …

it is patented by mannatech.

The product contains Manapol which is found in the Aloe Vera gel extract. This product is rich in POLYSACCHARIDES.

MANNATECH is the founder of an exclusive extraction method for the mannose, a natural sugar which is believed to help skin rejuvenation and WELLNESS because it improves cell-to-cell communication.

Watch the videos below for more reference.

Product description by Mannatech

Ambrotose: – Increase immune system support* – Support digestive function* – Improve memory and cognitive function* – Enhance mood and decrease irritability* .

Mannatech’s Advanced Ambrotose products are: – Plant- and naturally sourced – Cutting-edge technology – Gluten-free – Kosher certified – Tested and certified by NSF International (an independent third party organization that develops standards and certifies products in more than 100 countries). – Manufactured in conformance with federally established cGMPs (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) 100% satisfaction guarantee++

Uth Mannatech :

Crocus bulb – improves the firmness of skin*- Artichoke leaf – improves elasticity and texture*- Wild pansies – reduce the appearance of wrinkles and improve hydration*

For all enquiries Contact Sabine Schalwijk


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