No barriers for network

Houten, The Netherlands – Arbeidscafé: netwerk voor werkzoekenden.

This morning meeting was an opportunity for the exchange of ideas and opinions. Young and old generation of job seekers together brainstorming ways of achievement  and fulfilment.

Last week I read about the Arbeidscafé organised by Karel-Peter Companje in the local newspaper ‘t Groentje. At first I thought, this will be difficult to follow as I am still ‘lost in translation’ with Dutch words and terms.

Then, already being judgmental with myself, I asked – are there any barriers to network? No.  So I am glad I was there, introduced myself and learned about other talents in the area.

I listened to the most inspiring people with their enthusiasm of talking about their passion and background.

The photo above was taken by the photographer Sybren Visser. He has a photo-blog called Oog op Houten.

I simply wanted to give you a message wIth this post: grab the opportunities not letting obstacles stop you at any stage, only of course if physically impossible.

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