Prada me, lekker!

It’s cool to be a citizen of the world, we can mix and match words and still get the message across. At least I got your attention, right?

This is about the Infusion D’Iris from Prada.  It smells “lekker”, translates delicious.

The  master perfumer Daniela Andrier put together citric scented aromas from various places amongst them Italy, creating a delightful fragrance.
It came out in 2007. Oh, I still remember my joy when I got a sample of it, ending up buying the normal sized bottle. What an indulgence!

Since I moved to The Netherlands, finding Infusion D’Iris was impossible. The perfumery shelves are usually packed with sweet-scented perfumes. No Chanel number would beat this one, so I kept searching for it.

Until this Christmas !

This is a fragrance so last Christmas, but this is my timeless fragrance.