Le tour de Miss Brasileirice

Excuse the cliché – Le Tour de Miss Brasileirice ! I couldn’t help using this term as we are so close to the “Grand Départ Tour de France” in Utrecht  begin of July. This will be actually  the first time I will be attending such a big cycling event.The agenda during the “Tour de France” involves plenty of cultural events in Utrecht. I will take part to the “Weownyellow” festival which I will be cycling the 45 km DJ ride.

It all started like this…

I mentioned to my Mr. Right – who is totally into cycling – one day I will be getting into a racing bike. Well, that is not the day yet but he got me started in it. Anyway, I find it important to have such support and so I am thankful to my dear Roy.

What’s next…

The first step was going to Stappenbelt Specialized Concept Store in Apeldoorn. I would not think about another place to find everything with an outstanding customer service.

IMG_6546They measured here and there to make a bike fitted for Miss Brasileirice. I got a  Specialized  test-bike. Well, so far this one is a top brand and has an insightful brand awareness. 


So the last two weekends I have gained some kilometers into my sport profile in Strava . I found this app excellent for keeping my performance registered so it motivates me to take on some challenges.

On 12 July at “Weownyellow” festival I will be riding my Vita Specialized made by measure bicycle so from now on I will be busy following a training schema!  IMG_6835


This is a unique experience promoted by top women cyclists Marianne Vos, Loes Gunnewijk, Marijn de Vries and Roxane Knetemann. With this program they encourage women to get into cycling  or get it improved. I am in!!!  If you are in The Netherlands and want to take part, please find more details here . I see you there! cropped-bloglogo1.png

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