My unique opportunity at Samba Madeira in Houten last Wednesday

Last Wednesday I had this amazing and unique opportunity playing the drums in the Samba Madeira gig in Houten (Utrecht province). IMG_3911It was one of the greatest experience that one needs to grab when it comes along unexpectedly. Let me tell you how it came about.

It was a bright, sunny Saturday. There was a business fair happening in Houten. I was doing the weekly shopping while this sudden sound appeared out of the blue. Being a native Brazilian and far away from home, recognising this sound live and there to reach, it was like a switch that turned me to this exciting and happy mood. I needed to finish shopping quickly, go out there and find out who and what it was.

Samba Madeira founded in 2007 during the 100th anniversary of the Music Association “Kunst na Arbeid Houten”. Since then the group is actively propagating the Brazilian rhythm “Samba” with enthusiastic players and students bringing a splendid yet rhythmic atmosphere to the Houten community.

Soon enough, I was taking photos and talking to a fellow Brazilian who invited me to take part in this open gig for beginners. Then the master came along with a flyer with all details.

The next thing, I am there, ravishing, with friendly people and enjoying a glorious moment of my life and so you see on the picture.wpid-5410af02179e99.91740116.jpg

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