Hear, hear! My thoughts on the Fashion Revolution week

I know who made my hat because Bello&Eco made sure that the women artisans in the north of Peru sustain their families.
The Fashion Revolution week is timeless.

I buy clothing and I certainly complete my outfit with elegant accessories that make me look good. It feels great to be stylish. Greater feeling, when I know the designer or brand has ethical standards. That all the process from production to delivery is transparent. Making sure the people involved in the production earned their fair wages in good working conditions.

Since the tragic event of Rana Plaza, the secret of cheap clothing on fast fashion is revealed. Plenty of reasons for the fashion industry to become aware of waste disposal, carbon releases, poor working conditions


I ran “just” 5 kilometers at The Utrecht Science Park marathon today, but for me, this was a marvelous triumph. From the start to the finish I got the adrenaline working on my body. I managed to keep my smile and my ladylike style.

My womanly mindset won after all. We have this power inside us which I call as an age of wellbeing. If you want something badly and really have the dedication to go for it, it’s possible.



Sunday afternoon:

The front row was in an exciting mood for Sue Rebel.


The collection involved the 70’s, the punk twist and the present street style. Denim embellished jackets, trousers, and skirts; striped tops and lots more.

Sue’s warriors showcased clothing made with care and plenty of fashion awareness to the woman, bonded or not to a wheelchair.

A cup of coffee just like back home – cafezinho do Brasil by Nespresso.

As soon as I walked into the Nespresso boutique in Utrecht, I could not believe that they were ready to serve me my “cafezinho”!
Before I revealed my brasileirice, I listened the sales assistant talking passionately about the Brazilian way of drinking the “cafezinho” and about the strength of the coffee beans from Brazil.
I was impressed that Nespresso brought me this special treat to my coffee moment.