Flashbacks on my wonderful fashion-moments

Style and Identity

That’s what matters for her composition Sandra Porto, Brazilian journalist, co-founder of The File Style project tell us how she became appreciative of her identity in this period of lockdown. As we ZOOM in, the image of a black-haired and enthusiastic woman appears on the screen. Her outfit, a fabulous and original kimono which is […]


Style lessons from lockdown

Originally posted on The London Style Files:
Journalist Claudia Falcao tells The File Style how lockdown has brought identity home. Like fingerprints, features are distinctive and unique marks that together form our identity. It’s far from judging a book by its cover but experiences, choices and environment are inevitably part of our tapestry. Claudia is…


Fashion styling: long-standing career dream

After starting the fashion styling professional course at Style School by Danie, I realised that I’ve always been wanting to pursue a career regarding styling. When I was experiencing the still photo shoot assignment, with the centrepiece being golden grass jewellery, I confirmed, that is what I cherish. twitter.com/brasileiriceis/status/115775848010887168 London 2011 tweet reminds me of […]