Today, Holland celebrates its king

The Netherlands is a catwalk for orange and royal blue outfits, and everyone dresses to impress. On this day, I’d like to celebrate with a throwback to my visit to the exhibition “Reflections” – Jan Taminiau. The Dutch fashion designer who made the dress for Queen Maxima for Willem Alexander’s coronation in 2013.

During my premiere encounter with his designs in person, I felt like I was in the front row of his fashion show. The collections were carefully displayed at the Central Museum in Utrecht, and Jan Taminiau recorded the guidance of the exhibition. So I literally had him talking me through every room. It was like going into his reflections. He opened up his ways of sourcing for inspiration, vision, and personal story. It was a narrative of his passion.
I’d seen a sketch of an incomplete pattern, and I’d imagined the designer would enter the room to explain it. Again, that might be only me with my exaggerated passion for great stories. My mind wandered about with all the information and his personal experience behind the collections. Maybe, next time I will have the interview with Jan Taminiau but for now, I celebrate with this fabulous retrospective full of inspiration!

An outfit made from reused postbags

Queen Maxima

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