Yes, I “selfie” too!

Why not? I dare to wear a dramatic pink color, but a second opinion helps.

I take a “selfie” too. There are moments that you just cannot see another option.The popularity of “selfies” these days are outrageous. One thinks is vanity, others like me just a way of a second opinion. Shopping these days is easy with selfies. Take it and send it to the person you know will reply instantly: yes, yes get it now!!!

img_1520I was at H&M trying on this skirt which comes in my favorite shade of pink. It was just right above the waist. Which accents my curves and elongates my petite figure. It was at an affordable price as well as visible quality.

When I thought of the beautiful fashion trends.Dramatic colors such as this pink skirt match perfectly with a basic or chic top. I should not have any doubts to buy it.

I did not buy it because the length was too long for my petite figure. I didn’t’ want to take any risk having such fine fabric altered.

The lady in pink is always as sophisticated as graceful.

Vogue photo


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