I wish …

   I could tell you each story, name each artisan behind the artwork sold at this fair-trade gift-shop, Wereldwinkel in Houten. Every time I am in the schedule to volunteer I find a piece of art that I would love to have it. With every […]

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Unlabelled Friday!

   Last night I got into my bits & pieces box to change this basic dress for an event tonight. I found this French embroidered appliqué I bought in a vintage market last year. Voilà, my new unlabelled dress!    

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Discover BRASUZY, a brand that takes the well-known "Senhor do Bonfim " ribbons from Bahia to an edgy style.

On Friday I met with BRASUZY owner and designer Susane P. Besuijen   Suzane is Brazilian, talented and has a great sense of humor. As she makes me a cup of coffee she shows me one of her future creations, a bracelet made of […]

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Enjoy a cup of coffee before anything this Friday!

I am having a delicious one while talking to suzane Pinheiro Besuijen. She is the owner and designer of BRAsuzy. the next post is about an edgy ACCESSORY. Don’t miss it! until then, enjoy your day!  

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No barriers for network

Houten, The Netherlands – Arbeidscafé: netwerk voor werkzoekenden. This morning meeting was an opportunity for the exchange of ideas and opinions. Young and old generation of job seekers together brainstorming ways of achievement  and fulfilment. Last week I read about the Arbeidscafé organised […]

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Monday moment of breaking the silence

With the news of David Bowie’s death, my Monday took a different routine. I thought I’d break the silence of sadness with a coffee moment watching his documentary. Listening to the song “Fame”, it came into my mind this memory.  Back when […]

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Would robots like me, or you?

How exciting is this, I entered the first beauty contest judged by artificial intelligence. pic.twitter.com/QPWex0clSg — Claudia Falcão (@claudia_falcao) January 4, 2016 I am a human-woman who loves to look good in all aspects, and so I hope being perceived – by humans. Surely robots […]